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Rose/Doctor Fanvid

This is definitely one of the best Rose/Doctor (9&10) videos that I have ever seen.

23 Doctor Who Icons

All of these were made in response to challenges at the community dwo_stillness 
Potential Spoiler Alert: A few of these are from Planet of the Dead!
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May. 1st, 2009

I came across these on Youtube- they amused me to no end so I thought I'd share them with the f-list :-)

Apr. 17th, 2009

Best of birthday wishes to doxmuffinxc and tkurogrym!!!




Dear Doctor Who fans who read this journal,
Some of you read my entry on the Easter special. Apparently it was not under a cut, so you saw several spoilers. I am so sorry about this. I swear, when I was writing it it was under a cut. I clicked the button, typed in text for the cut name, and typed my entry into the gray box thingy. I don't know why it did not show up. Again, I apologize for this error, which has now been corrected.